The Real Senior Prom



How it started.

Once upon a time, Sarah & James were dancing their hearts out at a 6:30am sober dance party in a nightclub in Manhattan. The music was killer, the vibe was even better, and all 400 early-morning dancers were smiling ear-to-ear. And so were our founders James and Sarah. Later that day, Sarah read yet another article sighting statistics that loneliness is an epidemic that literally kills. And it most readily attacks the elderly.  Loneliness is more likely to lessen one’s lifespan than anything else including daily martinis and cheeseburgers, lack of exercise, and even cancer!

As Sarah read on she got more and more depressed by the facts on the page, but she was still feeling the positive energy from that morning on the dance floor. Dancing and music are two of the most powerful tools we humans have to connect, release, get present, and express ourselves as a community.  She pondered that in those moments of dancing, there is no loneliness. 

The Real Senior Prom was created because everyone needs and deserves a killer dance party. It is that simple. We organize dance parties at all sorts of senior homes, centers, and residences. It is a dance party for people who might otherwise not have access to live music and an excuse to wave their hands in the air. And while Sarah may have had that aha-moment, James played a huge part in helping to put Sarah's ideas into action. We think you need to experience a Real Senior Prom to understand what we mean :) Every dance party needs a spark to get things rolling.

Read the article that inspired it all!

Solving the loneliness epidemic.

Often when we think of being alone we think about is a getaway- a chance for relaxation and quiet. What we don't associate with being alone, is long-term loneliness, or chronic loneliness, and how it can negatively affect us. For too many of over the age of 65 chronic, loneliness is an epidemic that is taking a toll on mental and physical health. Researchers have found that chronic loneliness can lead to increased levels of stress hormones, higher blood pressure and hurt one's ability to fight infections. 

Despite these negative health effects, there is stigma that surrounds admitting loneliness so often those suffering don't get the help that they need. That's where Senior Prom comes in. Dancing is not only social, it increases our endorphins which improve our happiness levels. 

So why host proms?

We want to bring companionship to seniors that may be suffering from loneliness and the best way we knew how to do that was through dance. 

Humans are genetically wired to dance to music and when we do it together, we release Endorphins, Oxytocin, and Dopamine. This mix of chemicals in the brain send feelings of trust, pleasure, positivity-- which are all a part of the arsenal that combats the negative health effects which can result from loneliness. In order to do so we have an awesome live band rocking the room that gets our juices flowing and guests that are ready to party! Before you know it you'll be swinging, kick-lining and jiving with people you never thought you would rock n' roll with.